Personal Blog Thingy

Welcome to the blog side of things, where you find me discussing my hobbies, game dev stuff, ramblings on random-rambly things and occasionally a game review or two if I'm not feeling lazy.

Ramblings for 1/5/2022

Welp. I finally got around to adding SOMETHING to this page outside of the generic header text I put on it. I really should get to fixing the Downloads and Archives tabs. I sorta wanted them to have various weird pieces of software I've archived over the years and maybe some of those stupid mods I've thrown together here and there. As for the Archives? I dunno what that's for yet. Not quite sure of how to implement a proper blog archive thing there so. Yeah, my site's a bit dogshit but eh, I'm trying.

Ramblings for 4/13/2022

Eh, still no updates to the site lately. I'm not the best at really updating this shit on a daily basis. Either way. Been working on more SFM stuff which seems to be going decently enough. Anyways. I might end up moving the blog here to my old Blogspot site and have the blog buttons redirect to that. Still gotta fix the site and I will! (I say that as if anyone is interested in this, let alone reading it to begin with...)

Ramblings for 5/16/2022

Currently in the middle of writing a script for a lost media video. Was writing a review for Sabotain: Break The Rules but I figured I'd put something easier together before I go on and do that. I swear, I don't like it whenever I go to write my script for a lost media video I plan on doing and realize that like five other people have covered a specific topic in my script before I got to it. But eh, what can you do? There's so many lost media-tubers out there that it's hard to find a topic that little to nobody has covered. But hey, I've found a few that'll be neat to cover eventually so there's that at least. Also, still no update on fixing than the HTML and CSS. I want to do it as soon as I can but I admittedly get easily distracted by other things IRL.