Who are you, anyway?

Salut! You can call me Red, or whatever other weird-ass nickname you may have for me. I'm a 21 year-old game dev and voice-actor from the northwestern U.S who has a bit too much time on my hands lately. Got a lot of ideas ringing around my mind, most of which I either put a whole fuckload of effort into or I just forget about them then suddenly start spasticly writing stuff for them.

So, what is this site for?

Good question that you likely weren't asking! This site is for my ramblings on various topics like games and IRL stuff, blogs, lost media-related content as well as an area for my various projects in game dev and writing.

Holy hell, this site is badly formatted

Yes-indeedy it is. I've been using a template from around 2009 or so for a while now that I mostly just keep editing on using a 100% legit copy of Dreamweaver and Notepad++. I'm not a professional at CSS or HTML so this site is, as expected, a complete mess. But hey, I'm trying with what I have here.

You're not funny, get off Neocities.

You're god-damn right, friend.


Game development
CB/Ham Radio
Vintage electronics and computers
Lost media and lost media preservation
Photography (Unprofessionally)
Writing (Again, unprofessionally)
Film history


Requiem For The Gilded Age Sourcebook (work-in-progress tabletop RPG manual)
Grenzkrieg (RTS-FPS project)