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Salut! I'm Red! This here is Cognitive's Domain! This is my personal tax-free property on the internet made for my various projects, voice acting bits and for posting my general ramblings. If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to check out my about page for more info.
I've recently "overhauled" the UI and parts of the site a bit. (Translation: I threw random lines of code and whatnot into Dreamweaver until it worked better... Well, kinda worked anyway. It's about as functional as a microwave with an interior lining made of tinfoil but it works.)

Feel free to browse around this unorganized, amateur and generally unfinished mess of a website I've made if you really want to. I'll add more to it eventually.

Vulgarites and expletives a plenty here so something something content advisory.
Also, this site contains a few flashing GIFs and imagery so if you have epilepsy, I'd advise exercising caution when browsing around here. Plus it's not very mobile-friendly so uhhhhhh. Yeah.